Financial Planning

When appropriate, our team will create a comprehensive financial plan tailored to the client’s needs. It covers income, debt, expenditures, insurance policies, retirement assets, trusts, savings and any other pertinent data, to give the client a holistic picture of their financial life. The plan considers the client’s current lifestyle, future allocations and can include “what-if” scenarios. The plan is monitored and reviewed with the client on a periodic basis to help guide and keep the client’s goals within target. Clients may impose certain restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities.
Too much attention to quarterly portfolio performance can be a detriment to achieving one’s long term goals. If clients are focused only on short-term returns, they miss the big picture and can be tempted to make rash decisions when the inevitable market volatility is encountered. Having a plan helps our clients make more appropriate decisions towards their long-term goals. As financial planning is an ongoing process, we utilize MoneyGuidePro®, a combination goal-based and cash-flow-based planning software. It allows us to stress test our plans using sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation over several types of market conditions, thereby showing clients how the impact of a decline over a quarter or a year is dampened over their 20 or 30-year plan, along with the probability that they will achieve their goals.
Clients are able to log in, at their convenience, to view the progress towards their goals.