What we do

Investment Advisory

Global Capital Strategies (“GCS”) was founded on the premise that significant assets demand attentive management. Therefore, each account is managed individually and reflects our deep understanding of each client’s stated investment objectives. We create a strategy around our clients’ wealth, which constantly evolves, as family, business, and economic circumstances change. We work on behalf of our clients, managing their liquid assets in public equities and ETF’s, fixed income securities, cash equivalents, private capital, and hedge funds, when appropriate. When opportunities arise, we will trade in international markets and when protection is deemed necessary, in declining markets, we may take reverse market exposure. We use a combination of quantitative and technical analysis to select and manage investment holdings. Client portfolios generally have exposure to both domestic and international markets. Typically, our clients have liquid assets of a size that allows us to customize each portfolio and to accommodate client-specific goals and objectives. Paying attention to the distinguishing elements of each client profile, our overall objectives are protection of capital and appreciation of after-tax wealth.

Once determined, the Investment objective is documented on the Investment Advisory Agreement and the client’s investment strategy, asset allocation, liquidity needs, tax considerations, time horizon of investments, risk tolerance, return objectives, and source of funds are document on our contact management system.

A Portfolio Manager and/or Relationship Manager, who is a Registered Investment Adviser Representative, manages each client relationship. Their role is to oversee clients’ investment portfolios, make specific recommendations about how their assets are invested, be cognizant of each client’s risk profile based on their customized risk profile, and understand the specific and unique needs of each client family member or business. An Operations Manager or Branch Administrator is responsible for portfolio accounting, client service, administration of client portfolios, and directly supports the Portfolio Manager and Wealth Strategist in managing the client relationship.

Our performance is reported via BlackDiamond, a division of Advent Software, Inc. Clients can see their performance, risk score, and progress towards their goals at their leisure and updated daily. Clients also can also network there assets held at other financial firms and see their entire financial picture on a single login.

Financial Planning

When appropriate, our team will create a comprehensive financial plan tailored to the client’s needs. It covers income, debt, expenditures, insurance policies, retirement assets, trusts, savings and any other pertinent data, to give the client a holistic picture of their financial life. The plan considers the client’s current lifestyle, future allocations and can include “what-if” scenarios. The plan is monitored and reviewed with the client on a periodic basis to help guide and keep the client’s goals within target. Clients may impose certain restrictions on investing in certain securities or types of securities.
Too much attention to quarterly portfolio performance can be a detriment to achieving one’s long term goals. If clients are focused only on short-term returns, they miss the big picture and can be tempted to make rash decisions when the inevitable market volatility is encountered. Having a plan helps our clients make more appropriate decisions towards their long-term goals. As financial planning is an ongoing process, we utilize MoneyGuidePro®, a combination goal-based and cash-flow-based planning software. It allows us to stress test our plans using sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation over several types of market conditions, thereby showing clients how the impact of a decline over a quarter or a year is dampened over their 20 or 30-year plan, along with the probability that they will achieve their goals
Clients are able to log in, at their convince, to view their progress towards their goals.

Wealth Management:

Working in unison with your lawyer and tax advisor, we assist in coordination of wealth protection and transfer strategies, concentrated wealth solutions, and estate tax mitigation via trusts and life insurance. We can help you fully realize your and your family’s specific goals and vision by coordinating the right strategy, resources and support. We thoughtfully and collaboratively apply our experience to further your goals and help maintain your comprehensive wealth management plan.

Private Capital

Some of our team members are duly registered with Arq Advisors LLC (“Arq”), member Finra & SIPC. As such, in a non-fiduciary capacity, we provide access to private capital by utilizing Arq’s expertise in brokering transactions across the spectrum of private placements.
Private Investment Funds: We offer substantial markets and communication experience and a global network of family office and institutional relationships in raising Limited Partner capital for private investment funds and direct co-investment opportunities. Mandates have focused on niche private equity strategies that offer a differentiated return profile.
Private Companies: We provide private corporations and small business owners with access to global capital to achieve strategic objectives, including, growth financing, recapitalization, and refinancing. Capital can be offered in a variety of forms depending on a company’s specific requirements, business profile, and stage in its lifecycle. Our capital relationships include senior, subordinated, and mezzanine debt, venture and private equity, and family offices.